breakfast club chapter two

A new breakfast experience each week


Welcome to my new blog site – breakfast club chapter two.  If it sounds vaguely familiar, you may have seen the two movies I swiped the names from – The Breakfast Club and Chapter Two. Good movies, good names, why not? The blog name seemed just right for this adventure – for the two of us as an early retirement couple who have a goal to eat breakfast at a new restaurant each week.

Being from the Twin Cities, most of the restaurants will be within driving range of St. Paul and Minneapolis.  As travelers, don’t be surprised with occasional blogs from other breakfast places around the world. The idea is for my husband, Pete and me, Mary, to individually pick a restaurant every other week. There is only one rule – no complaining about the other person’s restaurant choice! Once there, comments – positive and negative may be made, but no grumbling in advance.

Being good people of Scandinavian descent, we will probably rate most places as good. On the occasions where we REALLY liked or unfortunately disliked the food, the service, or other, it will be shared.

Enjoy – and pass along any breakfast place recommendations in the Twin Cities!